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Sell New & Used Goods For Cryptocurrency

Ravelous is made to help people buy and sell products for crypto so that they can acquire coins without having to invest your fiat money

Get Paid In Your Preferred Cryptocurrency

Sellers can accept many types of payments from buyers, and withdraw your balance in the token of your choosing, just as you would on an exchange.

Community Driven Marketplace

Each new cryptocurrency that gets accepted as payment into the marketplace will be voted in by the community.

Commerce Without Borders

The strength of a currency is based on what you can trade it for it in terms of goods and services. Ravelous allows buyers and sellers to transfer value to whatever is valuable to them and whoever provides the best service, in a trustless and secure way.

Get Paid On Your Own Terms

Sellers can accept many types of payments from buyers, and withdraw their balance in the token(s) of their choosing, just as you would on an exchange. Buyers who do not have the currency the sellers prefer can exchange their coins for RAVE tokens which used for payment.

Community Driven Marketplace

Each new cryptocurrency that gets accepted as payment into the marketplace will be voted in by the community. The goal of this system is to use the resources of our community to create a better way to save and invest in cryptocurrency.

R·A·V·E·L (răvˈəl):

Meaning: to undo the intricacies of.

We believe that ecommerce is the key to empowerment. Earning crypto should be as simple as selling a few things around the home, instead of going through dozens of security checks, and bank account verifications.

Total Tokens Have Been Created
Tokens Will Be Airdropped
Tokens Will Be Used For Community Bounties
Tokens Will Be Kept In Reserve For Marketplace Transactions


Using RAVE Tokens Within The Marketplace

The RAVE token is used as an intermediary for product sales when the buyer doesn’t have the seller’s coins of choice.

The RAVE tokens work on the gold standard principle to create a stable foundation for our marketplace. Our treasury which is sustained by seller fees, allows us to back each and every RAVE in circulation at a base rate.

Should the market valuation of RAVE tokens decrease, investors and holders of the coin (sellers/buyers) will still be able to exchange their RAVE at the base rate from our reserve.

Founding Team

Isaiah Nwukor - @ServoGeek

Product Manager, Design Lead

Isaiah has worked in the design/development space for 8+ years providing consultant services.

Jop Zitman - @EndPositive

Project Manager, Full Stack Dev

Jop has been doing frontend development for 3+ years. He is responsible for all the viewable elements on the marketplace.

Laszlo Molnarfi - @LaciCloud

Back End Developer

Creator of PayIOTA. Currently creating and testing the underlying backend structure for the Ravelous marketplace. 

Shaleen Somani - @Pirate_Shady

Front End Developer

Shaleen recently completed his Masters in CS, and has worked in frontend development for 3 years.

Hicham Mourid - @Hich

Graphic Designer

Hicham has studied Graphic design for 4 years at the Mediacollege in Amsterdam, and interactive design for 3 years in Leiden. He is ready for his next challenge.

Daniel Blanco - @DanUltimate

Crypto Exchange Developer

Daniel is a seasoned engineer with 4 years of experience as a full stack developer. He lives in Venezuela and has a proven record of working on blockchain and exchange based projects.

Dentolas - @Dentolas

Network Effects

Dentolas has more than 10 years experience
in technical sales/purchases. He brings his skills of marketing, and communication to the team.

Ravelous Roadmap

Listed below are a few of the upcoming milestones for the Ravelous project.
You can find a more detailed roadmap in our whitepaper.

Token Crowdsale & Initial Airdrop

During the crowdsale you can buy RAVE for a variable amount of ETH. The earlier someone buys in, the more tokens they receive. In the same period, Ravelous will airdrop up to 200 free tokens per sign up.

Creating The Treasury Exchange

This is the system that supports the ecommerce system, and gives RAVE tokens inherit value. This treasury will buy/sell RAVE tokens and other cryptocurrency

Building The Ravelous Marketplace

This is an online global marketplace, that will allow sellers to accept payment in any crypto format, but withdraw in the crypto of their choice.

Establishing Community Governance

The Community will determine seller fees, how to balance the treasury and what our development and marketing efforts should be placed next.

Releasing IOS & Android Apps

These apps will be more than just a mobile version of the marketplace. We will implement new ways to incentivize buyers to shop, that only crypto can make possible.(More information on this will be released in time)

Token Information

Token: RAVE
Total Supply: 100,000,000 (fixed)
Token Decimals: 18
Token Address: 0x6a09e1b7cc5cb52ffdfc585a8df51ced7063915c

Token Breakdown

100M | Total Tokens
5M       | To Be Airdropped
36M    | Kept In Reserve For Marketplace Transactions
6M       | Core Team
50M    | Crowdsale / Bounties / Contests

More details can be found on our BitcoinTalk Thread.

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