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Ravelous ICO

Read all details in our whitepaper.


Token Sale

Want to support the project? Join our crowdsale! Investing is as simple as sending coins to our smart contract address. Do not forget that before you invest, you should have added RAVE to your wallet. Use this information:

Token: RAVE
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Token Decimals: 18
Token Address: 0x6a09e1b7cc5cb52ffdfc585a8df51ced7063915c

Make sure you don’t send your ETH to the wrong address. We don’t have a magical way of getting your money back. When you send 1 ETH to this address, you’ll receive 6,000 RAVE. This amount decreases by 500 when the tier target has been reached.

Send ETH to our smart contract address:

50 million RAVE will be sold in the ICO. The goal of the ICO is to raise a total of 11153.53 ETH, our hard cap. The soft cap on the Ravelous ICO is 100 ETH. The price of RAVE will initially be 6000 RAVE per ETH and then gradually decrease as all available tokens for that tier sell out.


Tier Price (ETH per RAVE) Available RAVE Total ETH
One 6000 2.000.000 333,3333
Two 5500 5.000.000 909,0909
Three 5000 9.000.000 1800,0000
Four 4500 14.000.000 3111,1111
Five 4000 20.000.000 5000,0000


Any tokens undistributed from the ICO will go into reserve.

RAVE Token

The RAVE token is used at an intermediary for product sales when the buyer doesn’t have the seller’s coins of choice. Buyers and sellers can also decide to only support RAVE because of its stable base value. The RAVE tokens are based on the gold standard principle to create a stable foundation for the Ravelous marketplace. Our treasury allows us to back each and every RAVE in circulation at a base rate. Should the current market value decrease of RAVE decrease, investors and holders of the coin (sellers/buyers) will still be able to exchange their RAVE at the base rate.


Without this system, buyers and sellers would have to trade in direct base pairs, which have very volatile values. This may work suitably for those who keep on top of the market news for their cryptocoin investments, but for the less experienced or those who are not able to keep up with the news, the RAVE token will be the best alternative. Sellers who made $100 at base rate, can say with certainty, that their $100 will still have the same value (if not more) in the future .


Rave tokens will be trusted, verifiable, and reliable which will help the buyers/sellers stay safe from the fluctuating crypto market. Our treasury will be strengthened by many higher valued coins, helping to minimize risk, and loss of treasury value.

The following attributes of RAVE help us in achieving a stable token:

  • Payment for products in the shops (usage)
  • Base coin value backed by treasury (alternative store of value)
  • Held in ERC-20 compatible wallets (adoption)
  • Sellers can withdraw coins of choice from profits available in our treasury with RAVE (usage)
  • Tradable on common exchanges (adoption/usage)

The base rate of RAVE will be initially calculated as following:

RAVE/ETH = (Total Circulating tokens) / (Total Treasury Market value / 2)

During the course of the project, we will be updating the base value every month according to the crypto markets and the marketplace profit of that specific month.


Any RAVE which remain in, or end up in treasury can be bought by buyers on the Ravelous Marketplace for market prices (max. 5% above base value). The difference in market value and base value will go to the reserve to minimize the risk of a decrease in treasury value.

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